About us

24-7 Daddyhood is a graphic apparel company for the entire family. It includes t-shirts, onepieces, hats & hoodies for new dads and their lil ankle biters, for wild rugrats and cool grandpas. There's something here for all ages and stages. Whether with edgy humor, silly puns, or heartfelt tenderness, our goal is to infuse every design with cleverness and the unexpected. There are lots of really "cute" tees out there...we're striving for something more. We want strangers on the street to stop you and say, "Ooooh, that shirt is awesome."

But what really makes 24-7 Daddyhood unique and not just another "funny t-shirt company?" If the name itself doesn't give you a clue, perhaps a little back-story will help.

[This is where I switch to 1st Person Voice and dawn the hat of owner & founder.]

Back in 2008, I was on a direct path up the creative department ladder in the glorious world of advertising & marketing. I was hot stuff, bullet-proof, a real go-getter.

Then I lost my job. Zig.

Three weeks before my first daughter was born. Zag.

And my life went forever sideways.

I'm not going to say that I had great aspirations of being a stay-at-home dad and that it fulfilled all of my wildest hopes and expectations and that rainbows and butterflies sprinkled my dreamscapes. Because truthfully, I fell into it by accident – and in the beginning I tried desperately to regain full-time employment. Don't forget, I was hot stuff, bullet-proof, a real go-getter.

The funny thing is, my new baby girl didn't know any of that about me. She just knew that I was the one who helped her fall asleep at night, I was the one who changed her soggy diapers, I was the one who held her close when Mom had to be away at work. The more time I spent with her, the more I fell in love with her, and the less I felt the tug of the ol' 9-to-5. Maybe…just maybe…I had a purpose greater than working in a cubicle. Not every family has the ability to keep a parent at home with the kids, and I would never begrudge or condemn those who are unable to do so – but I was learning in those early days of fatherhood just how valuable staying home can be. As challenging and frustrating as those days had sometimes been, I will truly cherish them forever.


My brain didn't just turn off. I had creative juice back-log, and the occasional freelance job didn't satisfy my taste for exploring and developing new ideas. By the time my first kid was in school part-time and my second kid was cookin' in the bun oven, I had begun my hunt for a new creative outlet.

Tromping around town day after day with my little ones, I started to observe that the world of parenting was having trouble catching up to the modern era. So much stuff was out there for Mommy & Baby, but not so much for Daddy. Oh sure, Dad got a little love (along with some fart and/or tool jokes) on Father's Day, but too many times was I walking one of my babies around town when a well-intentioned passerby would smile and ask, "Oh how nice, giving Mom a break today?" The proud papas of my generation needed a voice. Perhaps I could raise mine and help champion the cause.

So in March of 2012, I started what would soon become 24-7 Daddyhood – my humorous look at the weird and funny and exhausting and unpredictable world of parenthood...but from a uniquely "Dad" point of view. This is modern fatherhood. It's sometimes rough around the edges, it's sometimes underestimated and misunderstood, and it's sometimes – maybe often – not quite how Mom would do it. But it's real, it's pure, and it's always nurturing as hell.

A few years have passed now, and like my kiddos, the business is growing. I don't know how successful it'll be or what the future will hold, but you better believe that I'll be laughing and hugging my kids every step of the way.